Ciara P

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Mission Target: 
Street Reach for the Homeless
“Blessings for Street Reach for the Homeless often come in small packages and today they came in the form of a delightful 9-year-old with a big heart. Dear Ciara, recently held a bake sale [at a] garage sale on behalf of Street Reach. Sometimes simple solutions are the best and more impressive still when they come from the heart of a 9-year-old!! Not only was I given money but she also did some garage sale shopping on her own and I now have clean shirts and jeans to give to those who call the streets of this city their home. Thank you, Ciara!! Thank you for opening your tender heart to these men and women of our city. Surprised and blessed...all by the actions of a 9 year old!”
Authorized Person Name: 
Sally Segerson, Street Reach for the Homeless
Follow-Up Report : 
“Fast forward a number of months after Ciara’s bake sale and Sally meets with MPK agents to share about her experiences. The agents listened for 30 minutes then packed up packaged food items, socks, blankets, clothes, and other necessities to help the homeless. After this, one of the agents asked her mom to have her dad bring over to church her jar of money she had been saving. This agent presented her piggie-bank savings to Sally: $54 in coins!”
Follow-Up Authorized Person Name: 
MPK Chapter Director Marlene F
Mission Accomplished. Ripple-Effect. ABOVE AND BEYOND CALL OF DUTY.
Agent Pic: