Gabriel K.-G.

Spokane, WA
Mission Target: 
Speaking out against child slavery
When Gabriel learned that several national chocolate manufacturers contract with cocoa plantations that utilize modern day slavery--forcing kids his own age to work long hours in dangerous conditions, kids who are sometimes traded into slavery to pay off their parents’ debts—he began to help educate as many people as possible about what he had learned. He speaks out about how our everyday purchases can help reduce modern day slavery. . .or unintentionally support it. He is an active promoter of Fair Trade Chocolate at school, at church, whenever and however he can to make a difference.
Follow-Up Report : 
“This young man has essentially inspired everyone around him by his strong convictions and his determination to improve the lives of children all over the world. He has helped to teach us teach everyone he knows that cheap products often have high human costs.”
Follow-Up Authorized Person Name: 
Wendy M.
Mission Accomplished. Ripple-Effect. ABOVE AND BEYOND CALL OF DUTY.
Agent Pic: