What is a Spy Five

It's the 'high five' MPK Mission Control and our Spy5 team gives to call attention to the work of our REAL MPK agents and GLOW Kids in the field. Your child is working hard to help others. Why not surprise him/her with a well-deserved SPY FIVE shout-out?

Your child's name will be highlighted on the MPK home page and your full message will be shown on this page in the "SPY 5 Honors Go To" column at the right. (Don't see it? Set your screen to Full View). 

We will notify you by email when your child's message is about to post so you won't miss a minute of the fun!

Suggested options. . .

  • CONGRATS, John Saxon of Muskogee, WI, for a mission well done—Your Spy Sis
  • Sue M. of Dallas, TX—U are OUR special agent! Love, Mom & Dad
  • Kiley Jones of Washington, D.C., way to go on your pet shelter mission!--Director Moore

Here's the scoop. . .

  • Each SPY FIVE highlight is $15 for 2 weeks or $30 for a full month, and covers both the main page highlight and the full message on this page.
  • Your full message for this page can be up to 100 characters, including spacesIt is your choice if you include the child's last name or only the initial. You may congratulate the child for a specific mission or for his work in general. Families wanting to recognize more than one of their MPK agents may do so in the same message as long as the entire message is no more than 100 characters.
  • The child's name with the initial of the last name only, plus city and state will be highlighted on the MPK home page. 
  • Your message could be displayed longer, at MPK discretion. This will be determined by the number of Spy Five requests we have at a given time and also by the space needed on the main page for other MPK news stories.
  • You may purchase a message for your child as often as you like, as long as space is available.
  • When you order you MUST provide the name of the child's chapter, though this does not have to be included in the message you wish us to post.
  • Once we verify your child is in MPK or GLOW, we will send you an email to let you know when the message is about to post.

To create your child's SPY FIVE moment. . .

  • Click on the Donate Now button at the top of our website (we're using this option for both donations and Spy Five highlights).
  • Enter the total $ amount in the Donation box for one  or more Spy Five highlights, then complete the rest of the order.
  • In the Message box, state your child's full name and chapter, city and state, then on the next line add your 100-character message in quotation marks. Don't have time to count characters?  No worries. Aim for about 15 words. If it's too long to fit, we will adjust it for you. If you are purchasing more than one Spy Five highlight, either for separate children OR to have the message displayed longer, please make your request here.
  • We will send you an email when your Spy Five highlight is ready to post. . . .until then, SHHH! It's TOP SECRET. :)
  • After the post, give your child a real Spy Five (a high five in person), then share our website with all your family and friends so they can share in the fun, too!  www.missionpossiblekids.org
  • When viewing your post on this page, you should see the "SPY FIVE Honors" column to the right. If not, expand your viewing screen horizontally and the column will appear at right for easy viewing.


Contact us at Mission Control: info@mpkids.org or 1-877-MPKIDS-1 (1-877-675-4371) M-F 10AM-4PM CST.

Ready to Order Your Agent’s SPY FIVE?  Click here


SPY FIVE Honors Go To:


             Ciara P. of Fort Wayne, IN, for aiding homeless.

            Gabriel of Spokane for fighting child slavery.

            Kinnick B. of McKinney, TX for record 7 solo missions

            in his first year!